Victim empowerment, community control and liberation in Brooklyn: quality of life project

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The first purpose of the Quality of Life Community Service Patrol Project is to improve the quality of life in the city by helping people in need and hindering some of the crime which is victimizing community people. During the Old Testament days of Nehemiah about half the community had to be armed to protect the other half of the community who were doing the rebuilding. Our project is going to help protect the contemporary people of God and their community. The second purpose of the Project is to be a "bridge" to where the hurts are a means to meet victimized people where they are through a. mobile team aware of what is happening in its community. The third purpose is to then bring the good news of life both in a spiritual and concrete empowerment way to the victimized of the area. To reach these purposes we needed some strategies. The strategy to improve the quality of life meant that we had to reduce some of the social hurt in the area, and this would be done by being "extra eyes in the community mobile service and watch teams in communication with a base radio. The strategy to be a "bridge" project to reach over to where the actual hurts were meant that we had to have a vehicle or program that would speak to the local hurts and this would be done a victim assistance team aware of who had just been hurt by a crime or accident, being informed immediately. by our· base radio monitoring the 911 radio and the local security radio. The strategy to bring the good news of life meant that we would have helpful information available to the victim, and this would be shared by the team who would also, if possible. invite the victim to be a part of the Project, thus empowering the victim to take some charge in his or her community. To accomplish 'this great task with the very limited resources of a. small congregation meant that the Quality of Life Team had to reach community participants as well as what members could be invited to participate. And when reached. certain specific change goals had to be set. The project needed a goal for the new participants of awareness of the actual hurts taking place in the area. Then there had to be an analysis goal interpreting the demographic and social data so that the participants knew who the victims actually were. There should also be an affinity goal for the participants, helping everyone actually care about those who are hurt and victimized. There should then be an action goal of going out at night and actually meeting some victims, bringing some good news and an invitation to empowerment. Lastly, there should be some actualizing of the project in contiguous areas so that a. greater impact can be made on victimization in East New York. 
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